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Customisation and Development

Customisation and Development forms a major part of the Ingenico NER Operations Planning and Execution arm. We are responsible for the purchase, customisation and distribution of products and services. Last year alone, we customised over half a million terminals for our customers. We work closely with the sales departments but also liaise with most of the operational departments including Engineering, the Warranty and Service Centre and the Contact Centre and our external supply base. Our Planning and Procurement teams have extended links into our partners.

The roles that we have in the supply chain are:

Planning and Procurement:

  • Master Scheduler 
    Manage all planning activities for our new sales and customer refurbishment requirements.
  • Production Planner
    Manage the day to day planning and capacity of the production area.
  • Buyer/Planner
    Manage all material purchasing for accessories and spares for the NER region.
  • Logistics supplier Manager
    Manage all outbound logistic activities and supplier management processes.
  • SIM Administrator
    Manage the NER SIM Estate and all associated activities including data and billing maintenance management processes.


  • Customisation Supervisor 
    Responsible for managing weekly/monthly sales customisation requirements and executing the plans on time.
  • Production Operator
    Responsible for the physical customisation and packing of all terminals on the production line.


  • Warehouse Manager 
    Manage all inventories and all physical activities for both new and repair units, inbound and outbound.
  • Warehouse Team lead
    Managing the day to day receipts and shipments from the Warranty and Repair Centre.
  • Warehouse Operator
    Responsible for the physical receipt, pick, pack and shipment of all new and repaired terminals

Laura Pettigrew, Master Scheduler

For the past three years, I have been the Master Scheduler at Ingenico, responsible for reviewing and uploading the sales forecast. The acquisition of new payment terminals needs careful consideration of revenue, freight and inventory. I also plan the production area to make sure that the head count is in-line with capacity requirements.

I do love it when a plan comes together; I enjoy being involved from the start (submitting a forecast) right through to the purchase, ensuring that the planning and organisation is done well. I work closely with other departments to ensure that as a team we meet our commitments.

Working at Ingenico is very fast paced; there is a lot that you can learn and get involved with. My time here has allowed me to learn how a business works and all the different cogs that need to fit together to make things happen.

Lindsey Davidson, Customisation Supervisor

During the fifteen years that I have worked with Ingenico, I have held a variety of roles and am now responsible for all areas with the customisation and production area. Moving through different jobs has been very rewarding, there are lots of people who will support and guide you.I have learnt to listen to others, how to manage my team and have confidence to deal with challenging situations.

Every day presents different challenges as a supervisor and my day will start with a meeting of the production area to discuss workload, the priorities for that day and to pass on important information. I also consider the previous days output and any issues we experienced.

We have been working together recently to implement the 5S discipline (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain) which has been a great success. This is all down to the team, they work well together and support each other. I feel proud of the team we have.

David Gillan, Warehouse Manager

I have worked for Ingenico since 2004 where I manage the Warehouse & Distribution Centre. A typical day for me starts with a tour of the warehouse to touch base with the team, check how work is progressing and identify any issues that need attention. A key task is to make sure that colleagues are assigned to the right activities to complete the daily workload.

Managers are only as good as the people that work for them and I am very fortunate to have a great team. Supported through in house training, they have the flexibility to cover all areas of the department’s functions. We work hard together to ensure all our customers will get their new terminals the next day and take great satisfaction in achieving our goals.