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schuh selects Ingenico's Mobile Point of Sale solution to provide personal shopping experience

Ingenico Group and schuh designed a future-proof Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS) solution for its 120 stores in the UK and Ireland, combining mobile electronic payment with real-time stock checking. 

schuh Retail store

schuh's long term strategy is to create a till-free retail environment to enhance the customer experience

At a Glance

This technology is a key enabler for schuh’s retail POS strategy: to positively disrupt the in-store payment model and move towards till-free stores. 

  • An all-in-one mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution 
  • Eliminates the need for a cash register in stores
  • A truly personal shopping and purchase experience


Improve customer experience instore

A common problem in footwear stores is the delay between a customer requesting an item and the store assistant providing it – if available. Staff are required to attend to multiple customers whilst also wasting time to check stock in between serving.  During this time, sales opportunities can be missed and customers can become frustrated, leaving a negative brand experience.  Additionally, once customers are ready to purchase, the current system in the majority of footwear stores forces them to queue again which can be another frustration if the store is busy.

Increase efficiency in the selling processes

Schuh wanted a bold, market-leading way to improve customer satisfaction, decrease waiting times and accelerate sales. In a move to totally transform the shopping experience, schuh’s strategy was to gradually remove the traditional cash register from all stores, replacing it with hand-held mobile payment devices that could also check inventory in real-time.

To achieve this, schuh required a customizable and scalable mPOS solution to match their ambitious plans. This revolutionary strategy would make each customer’s instore experience richer, smoother and more personal.


  • Ingenico iSMP mPOS solution with Axis – the payment gateway which centralizes all transactions  
  • 250 iSMP devices deployed across 120 stores
  • Payment application running on iOSBarcode scanner for use with schuh’s real-time stock checking app 
  • Accepts all payment methods including EMV Chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless 
  • Bluetooth® connectivity¬ to reduce payment processing times 
  • PCI-PTS security Protocol

The solution leveraged Ingenico and schuh’s existing relationship for a very quick turnaround and implementation with no negative impact on daily store operations. Fully functional in 120 stores and processing minimum monthly transaction levels of 200k, the mPOS solution rollout has been a tremendous success. 

The solution is currently being upgraded to the latest technology and supplemented with additional devices to support more sales advisors, while removing existing countertop PIN pad terminals. The goal is to have 4-5 iSMP i5 devices in each store leveraging Bluetooth connectivity.  

Mobile Payment device

Caroline Robertson, Store Systems Manager for schuh

We’re very pleased with the changes we’ve seen in stores so far. Staff have adapted quickly to the new system and their feedback is very positive. This new mPOS solution truly makes the customer the centre of the retail experience.


Redefining customer service in retail

By taking the mobile payment device directly to the customer, schuh has reduced instore congestion. Customers now no longer have to wait unattended while a sales attendant tries to find their item in stock. This assisted sale makes the customer feel special and leave a positive experience of schuh, thus enhancing the brand loyalty.

Sales advisors appreciate the power of electronic stock checking integrated on the same device that is used to take payment. They can give the customer their full attention and complete sales faster. Furthermore, customers have welcomed the convenience of being able to pay wherever they are in the store without having to queue again.

A final benefit for schuh comes as a result of the reduction in formal till/cash register areas; usable square footage within the store has increased, making more space available for schuh to showcase their full inventory and for customer to sit and comfortably try on their shoes. 

Pairing strategic vision and innovative technology

With this mPOS solution, schuh stands apart from the competition, taking customer service to the next level and proving that their stores revolve around the customer. This solution has helped to further strengthen the relationship as Ingenico work with schuh to enhance their innovative and forward-thinking point of sale, creating a market-leading retail environment fit ¬for the digital age. 

Caroline Robertson, Store Systems Manager for schuh

It’s important for us to work with a payments partner who understands schuh’s strategic vision and Ingenico Group’s drive for innovation certainly matches ours. Ingenico has been fantastic to work with and we are delighted with the support and innovative approach received from the outset.

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