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Join Ingenico ePayments for a Conversion in Mobile Workshop at IRC 2017 this year.

Conversion in Mobile: Payment innovation to boost growth and remove friction

As more and more retailers see a tremendous increase in sales through mobile channels, conversion still remains a challenge. On the other hand the rise of mobile has also ushered in the new era of conversational commerce. How do you increase conversion whilst keeping a pulse on the latest innovation in mobile and social? In this workshop, Ingenico ePayments will show you some key innovations in mobile and social payments as well as offer you practical advice and hands on demos to help you super charge your mobile strategy.

Grow Faster: Strategies to Manage Peak Sales Returns and Refunds

Peak sales also mean peak returns. And managing refunds. What lessons have you learnt from managing peak online sales and how can you be better prepared to manage the busiest sales period of the year? Ingenico ePayments along with ZigZag an award winning global returns portal look forward to sharing some key best practices and smart strategic advice to help you grow your business successfully this season.


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