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Ingenico ePayments is the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico Group. We connect merchants and consumers, enabling businesses everywhere to go further beyond today’s boundaries, creating the future of global commerce.

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  • Ingenico Group unveils contactless payment acceptance into Australia’s First Connected Screens with ANZ at the Inside Retail Live Sydney


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  • Air China and Ingenico ePayments Expand Payment Acceptance Options to Include Discover® Global Network


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  • Ingenico successfully deploys Tetra platform-based Move/5000 smart terminals in Australia with NAB


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  • 2016: Solid results in line with expectations


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  • Ingenico Group adopts a customer-centric organization to support its global omnichannel acceptance leadership


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Fruugo is a unique global online marketplace, operating in 30 countries as diverse as the Nordics, US, Australia, UK, Russia and the EU. With operations in multiple languages, currencies and payment methods, they needed a partner who could support their current business and future plans. Click here to see how Ingenico ePayments did just that.

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Euro Car Parts

Euro Car Parts is the UK’s leading distributor of parts for all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles. Since cross border payments have significantly higher fraud rate than domestic payments do, expanding into new markets would only increase this risk. Euro Car Parts successfully embarked on european expansion with Ingenico ePayments.

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Gorgeous shop

The rapidly growing UK online luxury beauty retailer sells a huge selection of professional products and provides customers a seamless shopping experience. We worked closely with Gorgeous Shop to ensure they offered the right mix of local and international payment methods, using Ingenico Collect and remained secure with Ingenico ePayments Fraud Prevention tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I take payments in-store, online and on mobile?

    Ingenico Group offers the right, secure, smart and seamless payment solutions whatever the channel: in-store, online and mobile. Ingenico Group provides merchants with a comprehensive and innovative range of services and solutions that eliminate payment complexity and make purchasing quick, seamless and secure for consumers, whatever the sales channel or payment method. Ingenico Group comprises of three divisions: Ingenico Smart Terminals, Ingenico Payment Services and Ingenico ePayments. Through our comprehensive range of smart terminals, payment services and mobile solutions, we facilitate merchants’ in-store and online payments acceptance.

    Learn more about Ingenico Group

  • What is the relationship between Ogone and Ingenico ePayments?

    Now known as Ingenico ePayments, Ogone was a leading pan-European online payment services provider, which was acquired by Ingenico Group in 2013 and merged with GlobalCollect in 2015 to become Ingenico ePayments.

    To honor Ogone’s significant legacy and its name, the term Ogone is now used to describe an Ingenico ePayments platform, which includes Ingenico Collect, a one-stop payment solution that enables merchants to offer preferred payment methods in many different countries, without the hassle of having to open multiple bank accounts or form new legal entities. With its Ogone platform and other offerings, Ingenico ePayments goes beyond payments by offering global consultancy services on topics including local regulations, regional payment customs and preferences, and fraud and compliancy.

  • What is the relationship between GlobalCollect and Ingenico?

    Now known as Ingenico ePayments, GlobalCollect was a leading global payment service provider, processing international eCommerce payments for more than 600 of the world’s most recognized eCommerce brands. GlobalCollect was acquired by Ingenico Group in 2014 and merged with Ogone in 2015 to become Ingenico ePayments.

    To honor GlobalCollect’s significant legacy and its name, the term GlobalCollect is now used to describe a full-service Ingenico ePayments platform, which includes Ingenico Connect. Ingenico Connect is a suite of tools and services designed to make integration to the payment platform and creation of mobile-first interfaces simple, fast and secure, using the latest technologies and tools that developers expect. Once integrated, Ingenico Connect’s enable merchants to flexibly create an engaging consumer experience on any device. With its GlobalCollect platform and other offerings, Ingenico ePayments goes beyond payments by offering global consultancy services on topics including local regulations, regional payment customs and preferences, and fraud and compliancy.

  • Do you offer multichannel payments?

    Ingenico Payment Services, a division of Ingenico Group offers multi-channel payment solutions, tailored for multi-POS retailers (top retailers, supermarkets, transport, hospitality, vending and more), secure transactions across multiple sales channels: in-store, mobile or online. We also provide a fully PCI DSS solution between all merchants’ points of sale and acquirers.

    Ingenico Payment Services is a separate division of Ingenico Group that provides merchants with a comprehensive range of centralized and secure in-store transaction management services. Ingenico Payment Services ensures end-to-end security, control and monitoring of merchants transactions thanks to a centralized payment solution dedicated to organized retailers.

    In addition, Ingenico Payment Services has a full range of customer loyalty solutions to increase merchant revenue, including: loyalty card programs and loyalty program management, prepaid cards and gift card management, customer data analysis and marketing campaign management.

    Learn more about Ingenico Payment Services

  • How can I get started with accepting and collecting payment methods in Europe?

    Ingenico Collect is your one-stop solution for accepting and collecting payment methods on the Ingenico ePayments Ogone payment gateway. Ingenico Collect enables you to offer the preferred payment methods of buyers across Europe. There’s no need to open bank accounts or create a new legal entity in each country - All you have to do is choose which payment methods you’d like to accept. With one single contract, merchants can combine all payment methods into a single funding and reporting flow and easily add new payment methods as their online business expands.

    Learn more about Ingenico Collect

  • What is Ingenico Connect? What is Ingenico MyCheckout?

    Ingenico Connect is a suite of tools and services designed to make integration to our payment platform simple, fast and secure, using the latest technologies and tools that developers expect. Once integrated, Ingenico Connect’s mobile-first interfaces enable you to flexibly create an engaging consumer experience on any device.

    Ingenico MyCheckout is a responsive hosted payment page solution. It adapts automatically to the screen size of your customers device, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Our iOS and Android SDKs also easily enable native in-app payments through Ingenico Connect, for the leading mobile platforms.

    Learn more about Ingenico Connect and Ingenico MyCheckout

  • How can I have better business insights and analytics on my payments transactions? What is Elevate?

    Elevate is a Business Intelligence solution for payments and chargebacks, specifically built for international eCommerce companies. Elevate translates raw payment data into interactive and easy-to-read dashboards that let you quickly identify and act on payment problems and opportunities, and benchmark your performance against your industry peers. Using our customizable Business Intelligence solution, merchants gain insights into their payments, authorization rates, chargebacks, refunds, disputes, industry benchmarks, commercial insights and more.

  • How do you help merchants prevent fraud?

    Ingenico ePayments offers a complete suite of flexible products, sophisticated technologies and dedicated expertise to help you manage and optimize your online fraud prevention practices. Our industry-leading fraud detection tools and experts bring over 20 years of industry and regional expertise, and we will work closely with you to develop, implement and manage a holistic fraud solution that includes prevention, detection and management. We also offer comprehensive chargeback management and dispute management solutions. By working with Ingenico ePayments, you can pick the solutions that best fit your needs and customize our services to either outsource fraud management functionalities or keep them in-house with our ongoing support.

    For more information, visit our Fraud Detection Services page

  • How do you maintain security and compliance?

    Ingenico ePayments is committed to protecting the security of the payments we process and consumers’ private data. While it is the merchant’s responsibility to ensure payment data security, the process can be outsourced to reduce this burden. One option is to outsource card data management by using a hosted solution, in which consumers feel as though they are on the merchant’s website but all the sensitive card data is managed by a separate PCI-compliant provider. Another option for securing payment data for subscription-based or recurring transactions is through tokenization, which eliminates the need for the customer and merchant to continuously exchange sensitive payment data. At Ingenico ePayments, we maintain the highest levels of PCI-compliance and offer both options, to reduce the security burden for both the merchant and the consumer.

  • Why does Global Collect B.V. / Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions show up on my billing statement?

    GlobalCollect B.V. and Ingenico e-Commerce solutions are the legal entities that are attached to Ingenico ePayments. As a payment service provider, Ingenico ePayments collects, processes and reports payments on behalf of companies that sell products and services via the internet. These companies have authorized us to debit your account in order to complete your purchase of a product or service.

    If you are unsure of the reason you were charged, first check whether you or someone in your household has recently bought something online, by mail or telephone. If you are certain that this is NOT the case, please get in touch with the online merchant associated with the payment or your personal bank.

    Please note: As a third-party supplier, we are not authorized to conduct any debits or refunds that are requested directly by the customer. If you are unhappy with your purchase and/or charge, please contact the store or online business directly.

  • What is a merchant account?

    A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows you to offer and receive the funds from certain payment methods. Merchant accounts are provided by various banks and financial institutions – known as acquirers.

    You need a merchant account to authorise you to accept certain payment methods before you can start distance selling. If you want to add more payment methods to increase conversion, you usually need to open additional merchant accounts with other acquirers. We can advise you on this and introduce you to the right acquirers for your business.

     Depending on the market you operate in, we can also provide you with a merchant account directly. With Ingenico Collect, you're able to activate several payment methods from different acquirers, all at once – and with just one contract. By offering your customers more of the local payment methods they know and trust, you'll increase conversion and boost your online sales.

    Find out more about Ingenico Collect

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