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WEBINAR: PIN on Mobile

Expanding card acceptance solutions with software-based readers

May 2021

PIN on Mobile offers merchants and retailers a cost-effective method of accepting card payments with the same security standards as those offered by traditional POS terminals.

It places the merchant’s smart device at the heart of payment acceptance and opens up new market opportunities for merchants, allowing even micro-businesses to accept non-cash payments.

This webinar looked at the dynamic mobile payments market, covering all the different flavours of PIN on mobile as well as the latest innovations from Ingenico to help meet changing customer needs. Eddie Black, Solutions and New Product Introduction Manager, and Christopher Rotsaert, VP mPOS Product and Supply Chain Management, shared their specialist insights, looking at the technology and market trends.

Listed below is a product datasheet for the Moby/5500, as well as an article by Eddie Black that explains more about PIN on Mobile. If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Sarah Lawrence.


Speakers at the event were:

Eddie Black, Solutions Manager and New Product Introduction Manager / Terminal Solutions and Services GBL

Eddie’s expertise lies in all aspects of hardware solution delivery. He also has extensive experience in delivering PIN entry device software in multi lane retail environments.

With 35 years’ experience in the payments industry, Eddie is focused on delivering solutions that provide value to customers.

Eddie Black
Eddie Black
Christopher Rotsaert
Christopher Rotsaert

Christopher Rotsaert, VP Hardware Product and Supply Chain Management / Terminal Solutions and Services GBL

Christopher Rotsaert is the Product Owner in charge of the card readers (mPOS) offering in the Worldline TSS global business line. He is responsible for the complete lifecycle of Ingenico’s Mobile Solutions terminals, also known under the RP & Moby product line.

With more than 20 years’ experience in mobile, security and payment industries, Christopher manages a team of experts in China, France and the US to develop, deliver and support innovative products in the Mobile Payments segment.