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Customisation, Distribution and Installation / Expert handling and set up of your Ingenico payment device

Whether you are deploying to a new location, upgrading an existing location, or performing an exchange, our specialised distribution services will customise your configuration and provide key injection, testing and 100% quality inspection. Your Ingenico payment terminals will then be shipped directly to your customers, along with any specialised Ingenico or third-party accessories.

Secure facilities and capabilites

To ensure outstanding service capabilities, Ingenico makes ongoing investments in maintenance infrastructure, staff education and development, while continuing to utilise the most progressive policies and procedures. With a dedicated maintenance facility in the UK, which is regularly audited and certified by all relevant regulatory bodies including PCI, processors and banks, Ingenico is expertly placed to handle large and complex issues with complete security. Our facilities are both physically and electronically secure, with redundant verification and data encryption.

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